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Basic punctuation rules to help you write strong essays with excellent grammar punctuationUnderstanding the principles behind the marks of punctuation should help us use the marks consistently in our own writingWhen to Use Commas Mouse-over the commas for a pop-up explanation. Click on the commas for further explanation of the rules of comma usage being used.Grammar and punctuation rules evolve over time, and spacing rules are no exception. I was taught how to type in the days before computers.Comma Rules Explained. When it comes to punctuation, knowing when, and when not to, use commas in writing is the biggest problem most writers face.Punctuation marks (such as commas, apostrophes, and colons) help to improve the clarity of your work and keep your argument focused. Check out our topical guides to ...Comma Use. 1. Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any of these seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet.Use common sense. Punctuation should help reading - to make clear the thought being expressed. If punctuation does not help clarify the message, it should not be there.We provide here a review of commas and how to correctly use periods, which are the basics that you should know to write a good essay.Using Punctuation Correctly In Your Essay. Punctuation helps to keep your writing flowing smoothly and makes it more understandable to the reader.
comma rules for essays
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